custom design

Wave Rail

The wave rail is a stylish and neat curtain heading that would look perfect in any home. It is created through combining a specially designed heading tape. The Wave Rail is a very modern and popular curtain that splits in the center or it can be stacked left or right. The wave rail gives you a continuous soft wave effect.


Swags are pieces of fabric loosely draped over each corner of a window frame to add a little style and romance to your room.  Swags are great for a glamorous cottage or a rustic bedroom because of the sheer romantic softness it brings to your windows.

Roman Shades

Roman shades can be seen as the perfect house accessory for early mornings due to the fact that they block out the sun. Roman Shades are different from standard window shades because they are evenly stacked when they are being opened and they are not bumpy like vertical shades or blinds.


The pleat design can be seen as a fold of fabrics which are tightly gathered to create a semi-cylindrical heading which bear’s resemblance to a line of pencils. The close pleats of the header then freely tumbles to the floor.  A pencil pleat can be used on multiple types of rail’s including poles or tracks. This curtain features a type of header that is gathered tightly with a heading tape, this then creates a ruffled look at the top of the curtains. The most traditional style for this curtain is the pencil pleating method.

Pinch Pleat & Wave rail

The pinch pleat curtain can be seen as a highly decorative heading, which draws together a lot of fabric into a tightly gathered and stitched bundle at the top. The pleats are permanently sewn in and makes for a great smart finish with elegant folds which flow from the bottom to the top. This can be used on multiple types of rails including poles or tracks.

Goblet Pleat

Goblet pleats can be seen as a detailed heading style which is very similar to the pinch pleat curtains. The goblet pleat is tucked, folded and is open at the top which gives a desired wineglass look. This can be used on multiple types of rails including poles or tracks.


Eyelet curtains or ring top curtains can be seen as a contemporary curtain heading which can be used with any type of curtain pole. This gives a large even soft pleat. This curtain is called Eyelet because it consists out of metal rings at the top of the curtain which takes the place of the normal header tape.